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Top 10 Hackers In The World: Most Dangerous Hackers in The World

Discover the top 10 hackers who have left a lasting impact on cybersecurity. From notorious individuals to dangerous hacker groups, delve into the world of cybercrime.

The world has changed dramatically since the invention of computers. Wars are no longer fought solely with weapons but increasingly with technology. With the advent of the internet and technology, many complex tasks have become possible, such as accessing information, online shopping, and online transactions. However, these advancements also come with risks, such as hacking and cyber theft, which can lead to significant financial and personal losses.

In this article, we will explore the stories of the top 10 hackers who astonished the world with their remarkable exploits.

So friends, the 10 in this list of top 10 hackers is:

10. Adrian Lamo – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo, known as the “homeless hacker,” began his hacking journey using public internet facilities due to his financial struggles. Lamo gained notoriety for breaching the security systems of high-profile companies like The New York Times, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. He would break into systems, notify the companies of their security flaws, and sometimes offer to help fix them.

His most famous hack was breaking into The New York Times’ intranet in 2002, where he accessed confidential data and added his name to the internal database of expert sources. This act of “grey hat” hacking led to his arrest in 2003. Lamo was sentenced to six months of home detention and two years probation, along with a $65,000 fine.

He later collaborated with law enforcement, most notably in the case of Chelsea Manning, who leaked classified information to WikiLeaks.

9. Vladimir Levin – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Vladimir Levin

Vladimir Levin, a Russian hacker, is known for orchestrating one of the first major bank heists in cyberspace. In 1994, while working as a computer programmer at AO Saturn, a Russian software company, Levin managed to transfer $10.7 million from Citibank accounts to various international accounts using stolen credentials. He exploited weaknesses in Citibank’s electronic transaction system, performing the heist from his laptop in St. Petersburg.

Levin’s scheme was uncovered when his accomplices attempted to withdraw the stolen funds, leading to multiple arrests. Levin himself was arrested at Heathrow Airport in 1995 and extradited to the US, where he was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay $240,015 in restitution.

And friends, in today’s list of hackers who are on the 8th number, his name is

8. Albert Gonzalez – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez is a former computer hacker and criminal who led a gang that stole and sold more than 170 million credit card and ATM numbers from 2005 to 2007. Gonzalez and his group, known as “ShadowCrew,” utilized SQL injection techniques to create backdoors in corporate networks. They hacked into TJX Companies, Heartland Payment Systems, and other major corporations, causing losses amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gonzalez lived a lavish lifestyle, throwing extravagant parties and purchasing expensive items with the stolen money. In 2008, he was arrested and eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison. His case highlighted the vulnerabilities in the payment card industry and prompted stricter security measures.

And in the same way, Gary McKinnon is at number 7 on our list today.

7. Gary McKinnon – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon, also known as “Solo,” achieved notoriety for what has been described as the biggest military computer hack of all time. Between February 2001 and March 2002, McKinnon, a British systems administrator and hacker, hacked into 97 US military and NASA computers. He claimed he was searching for evidence of UFOs and suppressed free energy technology. McKinnon left messages such as “Your security is crap” on the military computers he hacked and caused disruptions, including the deletion of critical files. His activities resulted in significant financial damage estimated at $700,000. The US sought his extradition, leading to a decade-long legal battle.

In 2012, then-Home Secretary Theresa May blocked his extradition on health grounds, citing his Asperger’s syndrome and the risk of suicide.

6. Kevin Poulsen – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen, also known as “Dark Dante,” is a former black-hat hacker who gained notoriety in the 1980s. Poulsen’s most famous hack was taking over all of the phone lines for Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM, ensuring he was the 102nd caller and winning a Porsche 944 S2. His activities extended to hacking into federal systems to retrieve classified information. Poulsen was arrested in 1991 after being featured on NBC’s “Unsolved Mysteries.” He was sentenced to five years in prison for various counts of fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

After his release, Poulsen transitioned to journalism and became a senior editor at Wired, where he has authored numerous articles on cybersecurity and digital privacy. He also created SecureDrop, an anonymous communication platform for journalists and their sources.

7. THE SYRIAN ELECTRONIC ARMY – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.


The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is a hacker group that emerged in 2011 during the Syrian Civil War. Loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the SEA conducted cyber-attacks against political opposition groups, Western news outlets, human rights organizations, and various foreign governments. Their tactics included phishing, malware dissemination, and denial-of-service attacks.

One of their notable exploits was hacking the Twitter account of the Associated Press in 2013, falsely tweeting about a White House explosion, which briefly caused a significant dip in the stock market. The SEA’s activities highlighted the growing use of cyber warfare by state and non-state actors in geopolitical conflicts.

4. Max Butler – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Max Butler, top 10 hackers

Max Butler, also known as “Iceman,” started as a computer security consultant before turning to the dark side of hacking. Butler infiltrated rival hacker forums, merged them into a single site, and took control of a vast criminal network. He stole nearly 2 million credit card numbers, causing more than $86 million in damages. Butler’s operations included running a sophisticated network that bought and sold stolen financial data and counterfeit documents.

In 2007, he was arrested by the FBI and, in 2010, sentenced to 13 years in prison. His sentence was one of the longest ever given for hacking-related crimes in the United States.

3. Astra – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Astra is the alias of a hacker whose true identity remains unknown to the public. This hacker infiltrated the systems of the French aviation giant Dassault Group and stole sensitive information about military fighter jets and weapons technology over a period of five years. Astra reportedly sold this information to various buyers, causing losses estimated at $360 million. When authorities finally arrested Astra in 2008, he was revealed to be a 58-year-old Greek mathematician.

Despite his arrest, the details of his true identity and the full extent of his operations remain shrouded in mystery.

2. Anonymous – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Anonymous, top 10 hackers

Anonymous is an international hacktivist collective known for its decentralized structure and iconic Guy Fawkes masks. Emerging from the online imageboard 4chan in 2003, Anonymous gained fame for its high-profile operations against governments, corporations, and various organizations.

Their methods include DDoS attacks, hacking, and information leaks. Some of their notable campaigns include Project Chanology against the Church of Scientology, Operation Payback supporting WikiLeaks, and numerous actions against authoritarian regimes during the Arab Spring. Despite their controversial methods, Anonymous has brought significant attention to issues such as internet censorship, corruption, and human rights abuses.

Their tagline, “We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us,” underscores their commitment to their causes.

1. Kevin Mitnick – in the list of top 10 hackers worldwide.

Kevin Mitnick, top 10 hackers

Kevin Mitnick is often considered the most notorious hacker in history. Known for his high-profile hacks of corporations and government systems, Mitnick’s exploits earned him the title of the FBI’s most-wanted cybercriminal in the 1990s. His hacking activities began as a teenager, with notable feats such as infiltrating the North American Defense Command (NORAD) and stealing software from major tech companies like Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

Mitnick evaded authorities for years, using cloned cell phones and false identities. He was finally arrested in 1995 and sentenced to five years in prison. His case highlighted the growing threat of cybercrime and led to significant changes in cybersecurity practices. After his release, Mitnick reformed and became a cybersecurity consultant, authoring several books on hacking and security.

Today, he runs his own security firm, Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC, helping organizations protect against cyber threats.

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