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Top 10 Most Dangerous Hackers In The World

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The world has changed a lot since the invention of the computer, and the way people work, now wars in the world are fought not on the strength of weapons but on the strength of technology and today with the help of internet and technology, many Difficult tasks have also become possible, such as accessing information, doing online shopping and online transactions like many others, and in such a situation, we can use this technique to get your bank detail, credit card or your personal information. If you hack and steal crores, what will happen and what will happen if someone steals your personal details and misuses it.

So friends, in this article we will know about such top 10 hackers of the world, who surprised the world with some similar work.

So friends, the 10 in this list are:

10. Adrian Lamo

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Who is also known as a homeless hacker, in fact Adrian was very poor from the beginning, due to which he used to learn hacking using the public internet and then after learning hacking, he used comapnies like New York times and Microsoft. The security system was broken till And friends Adrian Lamo had published thousands of private data bases of many comapines in front of the people, although stealing the data of companies like New York Times and Microsoft was a very difficult task but Adrian Lamo made the security of many companies from the public internet itself. system broke... And then after this feat, the FBI was behind him and then he was jailed for 6 months after being caught and he was also fined $ 65000. Although after this Adrian Lamo improved and then he started putting his wonderful hacking talent in good work as well as he became a good journalist by profession.

9. Vladimir Levin

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Actually Vladimir Levin is a Russian hacker, who is known for stealing $ 10.7 million from City Bank in 1994, in fact Lewin took Citibank's accounts completely under himself in 1994 and then He transferred 10.7 million dollars to different banks in countries like Finland, US, Neatherland, Germany and Isreal, although in America, when his friends were withdrawing some money, he was arrested by the police and then later in 1997. Vladimir Lewin was also arrested and after being caught, Lewin was sentenced to 3 years and was also fined 240,000 dollars.

And friends, in today's list of hackers who are on the 8th number, his name is

8. Albert Gonzalez

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Actually Gonzalez had credit card details of half of America's population. Gonzalez earned crores of rupees by selling credit card details of 17 crore people, apart from this Gonzalez had also made a group named Shadow Quiz, through which he He earned a lot by selling fake passports, health insurance and birth certificates, however, after Gonzalez was caught, he was sentenced to 20 years on 25 March 2010 for stealing 17 crore credit card details.

And in the same way, *Gary McKinnon* is at number 7 in our list today.

7. Gary McKinnon

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Actually Gary Mckinnon was also known as Solo in the world of internet and he has the status of hacking the world's largest milltery opration system Between 2001 and 2002, he worked 13 months between the US Army and NASA's 97 computers. But he was completely in control and then he sent an msg to the hacked computers, on which it was written YOUR SECURITY IS CRAP.
Also, according to American officers, he hacked hundreds of computers and also deleted many sensitive files, which caused a loss of 7 million dollars to the US government, and then after hacking it, when he was caught, he has been on his own. Fighting a case against and if we talk about the number 6 in the list, then it has made a place here...Kevin Poulsen.

6. Kevin Poulsen

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Actually Kevin Poulsen participated in a show named NBC's unsolved mystry and took 15 minutes to win a Porche car. Hacked all the phone lines and then when he won the car by hacking the phones, the FBI's eyes fell on him, although the FBI was still investigating, then Kevin Poulsen hacked his system too. not only this, Kevin Poulsen also hacked the system of a super market, although after being caught, he was sentenced to 51 months and then after serving the sentence, Kevin Poulsen took the path of journalism and at present he Apart from working as a senior editor of wired news, Kevin Poulsen later helped the US Police and also played an important role in the identification of 744 criminals active on the social networking website My Space.


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And in the same way, they are at number 5 ahead in the list THE SYRIAN ELECTRONIC ARMY.
Actually SYRIAN ELECTRONIC ARMY is a hacker gruop which was first started in 2011 to support Syrian President Bashar-Al-Asad and Using fishing and Ddos attack, it targeted many terrorist organizations news outlet opposition party and human right group, besides it also hacked the US defense system and friends till 2011 SYRIAN ELECTRONIC ARMY was the first Arab country to have There was such an internet army that openly allowed its enemies to do cyber attacks.

4. Max Butler

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Max Butler was first a computer adviser who is one of the biggest hackers in the world Max Butler digitally stole 2 millon credit card numbers and fraudulently earned more than 46 million dollars and friends accused him of He sells and buys financial data in online forums and because of this he was sentenced to 13 years in 2011, which was the longest sentence given for hacking in America.
And in a similar way, it has made its place on the third place in the list of hackers...

3. Astra

This hacker is the most different because apart from its name, common people do not know anything about it, although it hacked the French aircraft company Dassault Group in 2008 and with this hacking, it was a weapon for more than 5 years. He kept stealing the data of technology and then it is told in the daily mail that when Astra was arrested by the authorities in 2008, she was identified as an 18-year-old vehicle, although its real identity was never revealed.

2. Anonymous

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On the second number, the known group of hackers is Anonymous.
Actually this is Group international online hacking group which started to support SOCIAL event and the hackers here together also have the ability to down the server of big SOCIAL sites and friends its tag line is very famous said in it goes...
Although friends, this hacker group works in the interest of most of the people and also stands with the people againts of the government for the truth along with the people, apart from this it has also put a dent in the nose of many terrorist organizations.

1. Kevin Mitnick

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The story of Kevin Mitnick becoming a computer hacker is very interesting, he is said to be the most wanted cyber criminal in the history of America and the SECRET BOOK OF HACKING hollywood film has also been made on his life. He was imprisoned for 3 years and then kept under observation for 3 years, but after coming out of jail, Kevin hacked America's national security alert program and therefore put him in jail again for 2.5 years. ... However, apart from this, he also did many such hacking which was beyond the thinking of the people, but after spending many years in jail, he took the path of truth and hence later he became a consultant as well as he gave security to big comapnies. Started giving tips too and now Kevin is running a company of his own. So friends this was the complete list of top 10 hackers.

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