How to Check YouTube Channel Monetization Status

How to Check YouTube Channel Monetization Status? (Deprecated)

How to Check YouTube Channel Monetization Status? Learn how to determine if a channel is monetized or not.

How to Check YouTube Channel Monetization Status? In this blog, I am gonna show you how you can check or you will know whether a YouTube channel is monetized with the YouTube Partnership Program/YPP or not. So without delaying further let’s begin.

So as we know from content viewers to content creators, most of us know that YouTube is a really great Platform to create video content and through that, we can earn money, popularity, and much more. And often time we come to such situations when we want to know whether the YouTube channel is monetized or not. We can simply ask the channel owner about the channel monetization but in most cases, the channel owner will not respond to you or maybe he can hide it from you.

So, how to know if channel monetization is enabled or not despite all of these barriers? I am going to show you a very simple and basic trick to know whether a YouTube channel is monetized or not and that\’s also step-by-step. So let’s move to step 1.

Step 1: Navigate to the YouTube Channel’s Homepage

First of all, go to any YouTube Channel’s profile page or home page. To be more specific, open the channel’s home page where you will see the channel’s background image, channel display picture, name, and a short bio. In the below example, I have chosen Sony PAL (a very popular YouTube channel).

Sony Pal YouTube Channel

Step 2: Access the Page Source Code

Right-click with your mouse on an empty place. Or you can use the shortcut way. Just type CTRL + U and you will be taken to the source page of that YouTube channel home page. As shown below:

Source Code of Sony PAL YouTube channel

Step 3: Utilize the Find Feature

Now go to the three-dot menu options in the upper right corner of your browser (chrome). And click on that three-dot vertical line. From the options, click on “Find“. Or you can simply enter CTRL + F to get the find feature.

Step 4: Search for “is_monetization_enabled”

Now type in the Find box “is_monetization_enabled“, and you will see its value.

Step 5: Interpret the Result

If you see something like this: "{"key":"is_monetization_enabled","value":"true"}", with the “value”:”true”, so if the value is true that simply means that the channel is monetized.

And if you see something like this: "{"key":"is_monetization_enabled","value":"false"}", with the “value”:”false”, so if the value is false that simply means that the channel is not monetized with YouTube Partnership Program.


For a visual demonstration of these steps, refer to our accompanying video tutorial. By following these straightforward instructions, you can gain valuable insights into the monetization status of any YouTube channel.

In conclusion, whether you’re a content creator seeking inspiration or a curious viewer exploring the dynamics of YouTube, understanding a channel’s monetization status can provide valuable context. Feel free to share this guide with others who may find it helpful in navigating the vast landscape of YouTube content. Thank you for reading, and happy exploring!

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