plugin is missing required dependencies

[Fixed] Plugin is missing required dependencies. Please contact support for more information.

Plugin is missing required dependencies. Welcome, fellow website owner! Have you encountered the frustrating issue of a missing plugin dependency on your WordPress site?

It\’s a common problem that can cause confusion and headaches for those of us who are not tech-savvy. Hope you were doing well before coming across this problem “Plugin is missing required dependencies. Please contact support for more information.” I guess I am right. Right?

He He! Actually, I was also confused and frustrated about this problem. I search on Google (the internet actually) but could not find a solution. Not even a single site gives its solution. Well, I got the exact problem someone posted on WordPress support too but nobody has answered it correctly.

But fortunately, the answers available on WordPress gave me a hint to solve the problem. Well, that worked too. Let me tell you how: They said the cause might be coming from a plugin. But at that time I didn’t understand what plugin can be causing the issue. Obviously, I have a lot of plugins installed on the site.

Anyway, then I search for the exact problem with a quotation like this “Plugin is missing required dependencies. Please contact support for more information.” expecting that at least someone will ask it or provide a solution to it. But what I found is shown below –


I found some sites in the search results where the text “Plugin is missing required dependencies. Please contact support for more information.” is written (mostly the error page itself was indexed).

But no. I didn’t find any solution to the problem yet. But one thing I noticed is that in the search result site’s permalink, there was showing asio or all-in-one-seo or aio-seo written. And the meta description was the error line “Plugin is missing required dependencies. Please contact support for more information.” And that’s it. I just thought that maybe aio-seo is causing the problem. And AIO-SEO plugin was installed on my site too.

So I went to the File Manager of the hosting provider and then deleted the AIO-SEO file folder from the public_html > wp-content > plugins > all-in-one-seo-pack This “all-in-one-seo-pack” folder was the imposter. 😁

I deleted the folder and then I check the site. O yeah! It’s working fine now. Now I’m thinking about installing it again for the site’s SEO. Well, the problem might be because of updates from aio-seo or maybe somehow the plugin crashed or something else. But deleting the plugin folder solved my problem.

In your case, it\’s also possible that some other plugins are causing the problem. But you can try deleting the not-so-important plugin file folder. Or you can try searching your site on Google “” and you might see the permalink or the directory name from where the error page is coming. And you can take action according to it.

I haven’t installed the plugin again yet. But I will install it soon and I will update it here. In conclusion, dealing with a missing plugin dependency can be a challenging problem to solve, but with a little detective work and some trial and error, it can be resolved. So don\’t lose hope and keep searching for the solution that works best for you! That’s all for this blog and don’t forget to Subscribe to this blog site to get notified whenever we publish something. Don’t forget to share it with others.

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