Canva Shortcuts, Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva Shortcuts List (85+): For Windows & Mac – Free PDF Download Now!

Looking for Canva shortcuts? You're in the right place! Check out these 85+ keyboard shortcuts to save time and boost your design productivity.

Hey designer, looking for Canva shortcuts right? You are at the right place! Let me introduce 85+ Canva Keyboard Shortcuts that you can use to save time and increase design productivity.

So, I am Md Mim Akhtar, a passionate graphic designer with over four years of experience using Canva, I’ve come to appreciate the efficiency and creativity this versatile tool brings to the table. Canva is more than just a design platform; it’s a powerful ally that streamlines my workflow, allowing me to produce professional-grade designs with ease.

One of the key aspects that elevate my Canva experience is the use of keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts not only save time but also enhance the overall design process by making navigation and editing more fluid.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through some of the most useful Canva shortcuts that every designer should know, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out.

First, let’s know what is Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is a user-friendly online graphic design platform that allows individuals and businesses to create a wide range of visual content, such as social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other marketing materials. It offers a variety of templates, images, fonts, and design tools to make the design process easy, even for those without prior design experience. Canva can be used for free, with additional features available through a paid subscription.

Canva has revolutionized the world of graphic design, offering a user-friendly platform that empowers both novice and experienced designers to create stunning visuals. With a range of templates, elements, and customization options, Canva makes graphic design accessible to everyone.

Canva, Canva Shortcuts

Why Canva?

Canva stands out in the crowded field of graphic design tools due to its intuitive interface and extensive library of templates and design elements. Whether you’re creating social media graphics, presentations, posters, or any other visual content, Canva offers the tools and flexibility to bring your ideas to life.

Canva is popular because it offers:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Easy for beginners with drag-and-drop functionality.
  2. Variety of Templates: Thousands of customizable templates for different design needs.
  3. Affordable Options: Free version with ample features, plus a reasonably priced Pro version.
  4. Collaborative Tools: Enables team collaboration on designs in real-time.
  5. Extensive Asset Library: Access to millions of photos, graphics, fonts, and more.
  6. Versatility: Suitable for creating various designs, including social media posts, presentations, posters, and more.
  7. Integration: Compatible with other tools and platforms for seamless workflows.

These features make Canva a convenient and powerful tool for both novice and professional designers.

The Power of Canva Shortcuts

Canva Shortcuts are more than just time-savers; they are productivity enhancers. By minimizing the time spent navigating menus and performing repetitive tasks, Canva shortcuts allow you to focus more on the creative aspects of your design work.

In graphic design, time is of the essence. The ability to quickly execute commands can significantly enhance productivity. Shortcuts eliminate the need to navigate through multiple menus, allowing for a smoother, more focused creative process.

Canva offers a wide array of shortcuts tailored to various aspects of the design process, from basic operations to advanced element manipulation and text editing.

Now, let’s delve into the various Canva shortcuts that can transform your design experience.

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
UndoCtrl + ZCommand-Z
RedoCtrl + YCommand-Y
SaveCtrl + SCommand-S
Select AllCtrl + ACommand-A
Add TextTT
Add RectangleRR
Add LineLL
Add CircleCC
Add LinkCtrl + KCommand-K
Add emoji (Canva Docs and comments only)Shift + ;Shift + ;
Add empty pageCtrl + EnterCommand-Return
Delete empty pageCtrl + BackspaceCommand-Delete
Navigate to toolbarCtrl + F1Command-F1
Skip to canvasCtrl + F2Command-F2
Quick actions shortcut/ or Ctrl + E/ or Command-E
Canva Basic Shortcuts

Now let’s go deep dive and explore some element related Canva shortcuts –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Delete selected elementsBackspace or DeleteDelete
Group elementsCtrl + GCommand-G
Ungroup elementsCtrl + Shift + GCommand-Shift-G
Lock elementAlt + Shift + LOption-Shift-L
Arrange elements forwardCtrl + ]Command-]
Arrange elements backwardCtrl + [Command-[
Arrange elements to frontAlt + Ctrl + ]Option-Command-]
Arrange elements to backAlt + Ctrl + [Option-Command-[
Tidy up elementsAlt + Shift + TOption-Shift-T
Select next/previous elementsTab or Shift + TabTab or Shift + Tab
Canva Element shortcuts

Now let’s check out the video related Canva shortcuts –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Play/pause videoSpaceSpace
Mute/unmute videoMM
Loop videoAlt + Ctrl + LOption-Command-L
Canva Video Shortcuts

Now let’s explore zooming related Canva shortcuts –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Zoom inCtrl + +Command-+
Zoom outCtrl + –Command–
Zoom to actual sizeCtrl + 0Command-0
Zoom to fitAlt + Ctrl + 0Option-Command-0
Zoom to fillShift + Ctrl + 0Shift-Command-0
Canva Zooming shortcuts

Now let’s see some edit text related Canva shortcuts –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Open font menuShift + Ctrl + FShift-Command-F
Find and replaceCtrl + FCommand-F
Bold textCtrl + BCommand-B
Italicize textCtrl + ICommand-I
UnderlineCtrl + UCommand-U
UppercaseShift + Ctrl + KShift-Command-K
Left alignShift + Ctrl + LShift-Command-L
Centre alignShift + Ctrl + CShift-Command-C
Right alignShift + Ctrl + RShift-Command-R
Justify textShift + Ctrl + JShift-Command-J
Decrease font size by oneShift + Ctrl + ,Shift-Command-,
Increase font size by oneShift + Ctrl + .Shift-Command-.
Decrease line spacingAlt + Ctrl + DownOption-Command-Down
Increase line spacingAlt + Ctrl + UpOption-Command-Up
Decrease letter spacingAlt + Ctrl + ,Option-Command,
Increase letter spacingAlt + Ctrl + .Option-Command-.
Anchor text to topCtrl + Shift + HCommand-Shift-H
Anchor text to middleCtrl + Shift + MCommand-Shift-M
Anchor text to bottomCtrl + Shift + BCommand-Shift-B
Numbered listCtrl + Shift + 7Command-Shift-7
Bulleted listCtrl + Shift + 8Command-Shift-8
Copy text styleAlt + Ctrl + COption-Command-C
Paste text styleAlt + Ctrl + VOption-Command-V
Canva Edit text shortcuts

Now let’s explore Canva view shortcuts –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Toggle rulers and guidesCtrl-RShift-R
Toggle sidebarCtrl-/Command-/
Scrolling viewAlt + Ctrl + 1Option-Command-1
Thumbnail viewAlt + Ctrl + 2Option-Command-2
Grid viewAlt + Ctrl + 3Option-Command-3
Presentation modeAlt + Ctrl + POption-Command-P
Canva View shortcuts

Now let’s explore the comment shortcuts of Canva (Navigating comments on the editor) –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Next commentCtrl+Shift+NCommand + 5
Previous commentShift+NShift + N
Focus on comment in selectionCtrl+5Ctrl + 5
Canva Comment shortcuts

Now let’s explore the shortcuts for adding or editing comments –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Add commentAlt + Ctrl + NOption + Command + N
Add emoji to a commentShift + ;Shift + ;
Start new line in your commentEnter or Shift + EnterReturn or Shift + Return
Submit commentCtrl + EnterCommand + Return
Canva shortcuts for adding or editing comments

Let’s explore some more shortcuts for Canva desktop –

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Quit the whole Canva appAlt + F4Command-Q
Reload the whole appCtrl + RCommand-R
Enter full-screen modeF11^-Command-F
Close the current tabCtrl + WCommand-W
Select next tabCtrl + PageDown or Ctrl + TabOption-Command-Right
Select previous tabCtrl + PageUp or Ctrl + Shift + TabOption-Command-Left
Re-open last closed tabCtrl + Shift + TCommand-Shift-T
Create new designCtrl + TCommand-T
Switch tabs (1-8)Ctrl + 1…8Command-1…8
Switch to last tabCtrl + 9Command-9
Open Settings page, (comma)Command-,
Open Home pageCtrl + Shift + HCommand-Shift-H
Zoom inCtrl + Shift + +Command-Shift-+
Zoom outCtrl + Shift + –Command-Shift–
Reset zoomShift-Command-0 (Mac only)No equivalent shortcut on Windows
Close windowAlt + F4Shift-Command-W
Canva Desktop app shortcuts

I have tried to list all the currently available shortcuts for Canva as the time being. You can learn more here. These shortcuts make it easier to manage multiple projects and navigate the app efficiently.

You can download a list of Canva Shortcuts as a PDF file for free. Click on the below download button and follow the mentioned steps.

Canva Shortcuts, Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva Shortcuts List


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Mastering Canva shortcuts has been a game-changer in my design career. They have not only increased my productivity but also allowed me to focus more on the creative aspects of my work. Whether you’re a novice designer or a seasoned professional, integrating these shortcuts into your workflow will undoubtedly enhance your Canva experience.

You can check out my course on Canva, here. Also don’t forget to follow me on social media. Links are listed below – but before that.

Remember, the key to becoming proficient with these shortcuts is practice. Start by incorporating a few into your daily routine and gradually add more as you become comfortable.

Over time, you’ll find that these commands become second nature, and your design process will be smoother and more enjoyable.

Happy designing!

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