Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gaya Hu Ya Rabb

Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gaya Hu Ya Rabb Lyrics with English Translation

Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gaya Hu Ya Rabb Kiya Lutf Anjuman Ka Jab Dil He Bujh Gaya Ho - O Lord, I’m Tired Of This Worldly Life

Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gaya Hu Ya Rabb Lyrics with English Translation

Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gaya Hoon Ya Rabb
Kiya Lutf Anjuman Ka Jab Dil He Bujh Gaya Ho

O Lord, I’m Tired Of This Worldly Life, These Routines, These Daily Chores.
What Is The Point Of Having People Around When The Heart Is Worn Out?

Shorish Se Bhaagta Hoon Dil Dhoondta Hai Mera
Aisa Sakoot Jis Per Taqdeer Bhi Fida Ho

I Run Away From Noise, In Search Of Peace And Quiet.
Since Fate Has Destined This Nuisance, This Chaos For Me, If I Found The Calm That My Heart Needs
Even Fate Wouldn’t Be Able To, Be Cruel Enough, To Take Such Marvelous Peace Away From Me

Marta Hoon Khaamshi Per Yeh Aarzu Hai Meri
Daaman Mein Koh Ke Ik Chota Sa Jhompra Ho

I’m A Die Hard Fan Of Silence.
I Wish To Have A Hut At The Bottom Of A Hill

Aazaad Fikr Se Hoon Uzlat Mein Din Guzaaroon
Duniya Ke Gham Ka Dil Se Kaanta Nikal Gaya Ho

I Want To Be Free From The Responsibilities That Inevitably Come With A Worldly Life.
I Don’t Want To Have These Concerns Pinching Me Anymore

Lazzat Sarod Ki Ho Chiriyon Ki Chehchahon Mein
Chashmay Ki Shorishon Mein Baaja Sa Baj Raha Ho

A Place Where When The Birds Chirp, It Gives The Illusion Of Sarod Playing In The Background;
A Place Where Even The Stream’s Running Water Would Sound Like A Musical Instrument.
[Since Music Brings Peace And Calm To The Soul]

Ho Haath Ka Sarhaana Sabzay Ka Ho Bichona
Sharmaaye Jis Se Jalvat Khilvat Mein Vo Ada Ho

Nothing Too Fancy. A Place Where I’d Use My Arm As A Pillow, The Earth’s Green As My Bed Spread…
A Place Which Is So Private That Exposing It Out In The Open Would Embarrass The World.
[Because The World Is Deprived Of Such Beauty]

Maanoos Is Qadar Ho Soorat Se Meri Bulbul
Nannhay Se Dil Mein Us Ke Khatka Na Kuch Mera Ho

I Want The Surroundings To Be Familiar Of Me.
I Want The Birds To Be So Used To My Presence That If I Were To Approach Them, They Won’t Fly Away

Ho Dil-fareb Aisa Kohsaar Ka Nazaara
Paani Bhi Mauj Ban Kar Uth Uth Ke Dekhta Ho

I Want The View Of The Hiltop To Be So Breathtakingly Beautiful
That The Lake’s Water Would Want To Jump Up And See It

Aaghosh Mein Zamee.N Ki Soya Hua Ho Sabza
Phir Phir Ke Jhaariyon Mein Paani Chamak Raha Ho

I Want Greenery And Dew Everywhere

Mehndi Lagaaye Sooraj Jab Shaam Ki Dulhan Ko
Surkhi Liye Sunehri Her Phool Ki Qaba Ho

When The Sun Would Set,
I’d Want Its Departing Rays To Make All The Flowers Appear Golden

Pichlay Peher Ki Koel Vo Subha Ki Muazzin
Main Us Ka Hamnava Hoon Vo Meri Hamnava Ho

At Dawn, When The Birds Wake Up To Pray,
I Want To Be Accompanying Them In Their Praise And Admiration Of God And Nature

Phoolon Ko Aaye Shabnam Jis Dam Wuzu Karaanay
Rona Mera Wuzu Ho Naala Meri Dua Ho

When Dew Would Fall To Ablute Flowers,
I Want My Tears To Be My Cleansing Agents.
Since Tears Come When The Heart Is In Pain Or It Realizes Its Fault And Is Guilty, The Poet Is Expressing The Wish To Be Remorseful At That Hour, At Dawn, So He Can Start His Day Fresh – A New Beginning. He Also Wants His Malady To Be His Prayer, So He Can Convey It To God And Let God Put Him At Ease

Is Khaamshi Mein Jaayen Itnay Buland Naalay
Taaron Ke Qaaflay Ko Meri Sada Dara Ho

I Want My Inner Maladies To Be So Loud,
To Be So Strongly Audible That Even Stars, Which Are So Far Away, Be Able To Hear It.
[Making Sure It Gets Out Of The System]

Her Dardmand *Dil Ko Rona Mera Rula De
Behosh Jo Paray Hain Shayed Unhain Jaga De

I Want My Tragedies To Touch Every Heart
And I Want My Cries To Wake Up Those Who Are Oblivious To My Pain.
[Asking For The Ear Of Those Who Hold Solutions To People’s Problems, But Chose To Remain Ignorant About The Issues].

Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gaya Hu Ya Rabb by Allama Mohammad Iqbal

Listen to the Kalam e Iqbal ~ Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Ukta Gaya Hu Ya Rabb

Translation of Some Urdu Words

  • Maanoos = Familiar
  • Khatka = Fear
  • Sarod = A Musical Instrument, Kind Of Like ‘Sitaar’
  • Chehchahon = Chirping Or Birds
  • Uzlat = Poverty (But The Word Isn’t Taken In Its Literal Form Here. It’s Simply Employed To Borrow The Idea Of Freedom From Worries That Accompany Riches, Wealth, Fame, And So On)
  • Dil-fareb = Exquisite
  • Mauj = Leher, Waves, Tide
  • Dara = Audible
  • Qaba = Outfit
  • Aaghosh = Lap
  • Bichona = Spread (Noun)
  • Jalvat = Present, Seeable
  • Khilvat = Absent, Unseeable
  • Ukta = Tired, Worn Out, Sick Of
  • Lutf = Pleasure
  • Anjuman = Gathering
  • Muazzin = He Who Calls To Prayers
  • Hamnava = Sing-along Partner
  • Shorish = Noise
  • Sakoot = Calm, Peace
  • Koh = Hill, Mountain
  • Jhompra = Hut
  • Naala = Malady, Fariyaad

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