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How to get notified on Google Sheet Update or Modification?

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Greetings dear reader! I hope you are doing well. In this blog I will show you how easily you can turn on email notification on each and every updates on the Google sheet file. Alright so without further ado lets get started. :)

So I assume you are the owner of the Google sheet or you have access to it (maybe a viewer, commenter or an editor) whatever you are; or you are the owner and you have given access to it to someone else and you want to get notified for each updates/operations they perform on the Google Sheet.

Alright so lets get started with the steps. Assuming you are on Desktop computer or laptop.

Step 1: Go to Google sheets and open the sheet file which you want the notification for.

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Step 2: Whether you are the owner of the file or a viewer or commenter or editor, you can see the ribbon tab bar with some options there.

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Step 3: Click on the Tools

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Step 4: When you click you will see a list of options. Look for notification rules at the bottom of the list. The second last option as you can see in the below picture. Click on it.

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Step 5: Now setup your notification rules.

Further assistance:

As you can see its saying *Notify me at [email protected] when...

  • Any changes are made (which means any changes are made to the Google Sheet, you will be notified through mail.)
  • A user submits a form (If you are using a Google Form and taking the responses to the Google Sheet then whenever anyone will submit the form, you will be notified with a mail.)

  • Notify me with...

  • Email - daily digest (selecting this option will notify you as a daily submission summary)
  • Email - right away (selecting this option will notify you straightaway. As soon as new data are inserted or deleted, you will be notified with a mail from Google)
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    Selecting the options now you can click on the Save button. Now you are done with it.

    Watch the below video for a clearer view. Thanks for reading me.

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